3 pubs on Abbeydale Road you need to know!

3 pubs on Abbeydale Road you need to know!


Sheffield is host to some of the best pubs in England. The Fat Cat and in Ship Inn, located in Kelham Island regularly win national awards. Sheffield is simply blessed with incredible good public houses. Over on the other side of the city centre on Abbeydale Road there is a pub revolution going on that gives the fine folk of Sheffield even more choice. As if anymore was even needed! Here we take a look at three pubs on Abbeydale Road that are making this area the new place to be.



The Barrowboy came to Sheffield in Summer 2018 and is going from strength to strength. One of the key features of the Barrowboy is it’s laid back vibe, which has turned the place into a real social spot on Abbeydale Road.

The Barrowboy absolutely serves food too. The menu has a distinctively Taiwanese take on its food, serving Boas. Boas (if you didn’t know, as we didn’t!) are steamed buns stuffed with a range of different fillings. There are 6 to choose from, and you get three for a tenner! What more do you want?


Two Thirds

Two Thirds is a proper pub. The neighbourhood craft beer serves 16 cask & keg beers, as well as a wide selection of spirits and a beer fridge full of bottles and cans from around the world. Two Thirds even offer a beer takeaway.

The thing that sets Two Thirds apart is the clue in the name. Drinks come served as two-thirds of a pint, as opposed to a point. Continental drinking has come to Sheffield.

The owners became inspired on a trip to Seville in Spain where beer is served in smaller measures to allow for drinkers to try a wider range of the available drinks.


Picture House Social

Picture House Social is an absolute staple of Abbeydale Road. An excellent description that sums up the place can be found on the website: ‘it’s a place where word of mouth brings people in rather than fliers, posters and social media.’

Picture House Social first opened back in September and has been right at the front of the Abbeydale Road boom. The bar/pub/social resides in a 1920’s grade II listed building that used to be known as the ‘Picture Palace’.

We couldn’t talk about Picture House Social, without not talking about Ping Pong. If the quality of Ping Pong has improved in Sheffield, then it’s down to this place. There are tables everywhere.

You can also expect many hidden intimate gigs at the Picture House Social.