4 resources to help you learn something new in lockdown

4 resources to help you learn something new in lockdown


For the first few weeks of staying at home, you've probably had a lot of fun. A limitless supply of Netflix, Chocolate and Family Quizzes are all vibes that didn't exist two weeks ago. You're now thinking I could get used to staying at home for a while.

Although now is definitely a time to relax and refocus, staying at home is also an opportunity for you to finally start learning about the interest or hobby you've had for some time. The interest you've always pushed to one side. Until now. Have you wanted to learn about photography and how a proper camera works for some time? Always wanted to learn Spanish but been to busy?

Here we take a look at four websites that can help you learn about old and new passions:


Udemy has been around for some time now and is the go-to place for learning about a subject. Udemy probably offers the broadest subject matter out there. Music, photography, web design, business and health are just a few different categories. When you learn a new subject you often 'don't know what you don't know' and this is where Udemy excels. Most of the courses show you at a top-level overview of a subject. You can then go off and learn the finer details. Udemy gives you a framework which seems to work for its users. Some of the courses are priced at £100/£200, but if you take a few minutes Googling 'Udemy Discounts' you will nearly always find a code to make the courses £11.99. How good is that? Thank us later!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another excellent learning resource, which has an emphasis on subject matter you would traditionally find in school. Science, Maths, Coding, Economics are just a few of the subjects included. Khan Academy is free for parents, teachers and learners. The team at Khan Academy have an impressive goal which you can see on the website and as the tagline suggests. 'We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.' We were very impressed at the quality of some of the content. After spending some time looking at the courses, it's clear to see that the team here could quite clearly charge for this content, so what Khan Academy is doing is excellent. Hat's off!

You can leave a small donation if you learn something!


Coursera is another online platform that offers an unbelievable amount of content, for free. Well, enterprise-level businesses have to pay, but it's free for students and the individual (most of us).

Coursera has collaborated with 200+ leading universities and companies, such as Imperial College London, Stanford University, Google and IBM. Top instructors from these places then teach subjects such as business, computer science, and data science and many many more.


We wanted to include Duolingo as it is the no.1 place to go for learning a new language. Sure, it's utterly useless for learning the guitar and music theory, but we've given you Udemy at the top of our list for that!

DuoLingo has been around for a while now, and is famous for its language learning app. Duolingo has literally gamified learning a language, making it fun, asking for only 10 minutes a day to keep you on the road to maintaining and expanding your vocabulary.


Although we said we were giving you four resources it would be plain mad not to mention youtube. Every subject matter is on here. You can learn about everything under the sun. There's not a video that hasn't already been made. When you learn on Udemy you can then visit Youtube for the finer details.

Youtube is probably the most significant free online resource of our time.

We hope this keeps you busy for some time.