4 epic places to eat in Sheffield you may have missed!

4 epic places to eat in Sheffield you may have missed!


After a heavy night in the city of Sheffield sometimes all you want is a dirty kebab or cheesy chips. It’s not the height of sophisticated dining but it hits the spot! The problem is cheesy chips don’t taste nearly as good when you’re sober, so you’ll need something a tad more flavoursome. If you are in the mood for good food then Sheffield offers so much variety. Here’s 4 places to try that you might not have come across yet that are fast becoming Sheffield food hotspots. In the name of good research, we had to go and try them!


Eve Kitchen

Eve Kitchen is based on Sharrowvale Road, which is a 5-minute walk from Ecclesall Road’s Sheffield Hallam Campus. So what’s so special about Eve Kitchen? Well, Eve Kitchen only sells handmade donuts, made fresh daily, and they often sell out before closing time. Two of the best selling fillings include lemon meringue or the chocolate and peanut butter.

After being open now for over 3 years Eve Kitchen must be doing something right. They’re converting the people of Sheffield one handmade donut at a time.


Porter Pizza

If you’ve not come across Porter Pizza yet then stop what you are doing and head down to Sharrowvale Road. (Pizza and Donuts!) Porter Pizza offers a slice of Pizza for £1. You can have a full pizza though if you wish and the menu includes a ‘Flamin’ Nora’ and ‘The Whole Hog’. Pizza Porter believes it offers ‘pizza with integrity’ and is apparently Sheffield’s finest wood-fired pizza. There really is only one way to find out – try it yourself!

Porter Pizza also offers a delivery service to a couple of local pubs: The Porter Cottage and The Beer House. You don’t even need to leave the pub to find out if it really is good.



Another Sheffield eatery that is becoming more popular, with a great name to go with it is Humpit. Humpit sells mainly Hummus and Pita (Clues in the name!) Humpit is situated right in the city centre, at the front of the Orchid Square Shopping Centre. It’s really popular with Sheffielders working in the city so expect lunchtime queues. Humpit has an extensive menu so you’ll never get bored. Humpit can now be found in Leeds and York, as well as Sheffield due to it’s success, but you don’t need to travel that far.


Burger Garden

Burger Garden on Abbeydale road is a welcome addition to the city of Sheffield and the menu offers incredibly tasty food that is somehow 100% vegan. It’s not just burgers: you can also try all day breakfasts, hot dogs, curries, even ‘chicken’ and chips (again, all vegan ingredients). There are over 170 reviews on Facebook of locals raving about Burger Garden, especially the mac and cheese bacon burger. After reading a few it might be hard to stay away. Don’t even get us started on the ice cream sundaes!


When you’ve tried out the 4 places listed above let us know what you think. Is there somewhere you think deserves to be on our list?

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