How to see Sheffield virtually with ‘Sheffield Videos’


How to see Sheffield virtually with ‘Sheffield Videos’

2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far, there’s no getting away from that. Getting around has been a bit tricky to say the least. Things are returning to a ‘new normal’ and you can get back out into the streets of Sheffield. We certainly won’t take this for granted again!

During lockdown the team at Sheffield Videos published realised that many of us were missing our great city and published virtual tours of Sheffield onto their Youtube channel. The team at Sheffield Videos have really been putting in a shift as there is now 60 videos on different areas of Sheffield. The quality of the videos is outstanding as they were shot in 4k!

Here are just a few of Sheffield’s locations, and a few that are in close proximity to our student homes.

The Famous Moor Market

The Moor. The heart of the City.

London Road Walking Tour

Where London Road meets Abbeydale Road you can expect to find our developments The Royal and Wesley House. You can even see The Royal at the end of the video!

Fitzalan Square to Sheffield Train Station Walkthrough

The newly developed Fitzalan Square is home to our famous Bell House Development

Bramall Lane and Shoreham Street in downtown Sheffield

Shoreham Street is home to several of our student homes.

The videos are fun and interesting but they also have a real world value. If you’ve got to go to a part of the city you’re not familiar with then have a look so you know where to go. Sheffield video tours are also a great way to show your parents some of the areas of Sheffield if you are looking at new accommodation, or even if you’re parents are coming to visit your new accommodation and don’t really know the city that well.

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Keep up the good work Sheffield Videos!